Meet the GrowBlock, your new culinary, health, sustainability, and general ease-of-life best friend. It’s an in-home hydroponic garden that grows enough food to feed up to 4 people (in the same space as a bookshelf!). We’ll send you 5 new plants and 2 bottles of GrowUp solution each month - all you do is add water, harvest, enjoy, and repeat. The best part? Maintaining a GrowBlock is cheaper than the sad, half-dead stuff you get at the grocery store, meaning you’ll actually save money

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Food deserts, lack of access to freshly-grown or even unprocessed foods, and too-high pricing of fruits and vegetables means 54 million Americans aren't able to have them in their diets. We're closing those gaps by making healthy food more accessible.



Food typically travels over 1500 miles to get from farm to plate. That's over 1500 miles of gas and emissions that can be eliminated by growing produce in your own home. GrowBlocks also use about 90% less water and 99% less land than traditional farming.



Even if everyone had physical access to fruits and vegetables in their communities, often these fresh foods are cost- prohibitive. Ultra-processed foods that keep us sick are unfortunately the most affordable. We're changing that by providing fruits and vegetables at lower costs than stores.



Having fresh food available and knowing what to do with are two very different things. We're aiming to produce content an products that give you not just the ability to have fruits and vegetables on hand but to know what to do with them.



We're on a mission here at Produce'd, but part of that mission includes fostering a genuine love for gardening, food, plants, cooking, and fueling your body in a healthy way. We don't just exist to make it possible, we exist to make it fun.

Hey, I'm Greg!

I've been fascinated by how plants grow since the first time my mom had me help her plant beans in her garden. She gave me a small handful and told me to plant them, one at a time, in a row. I didn't do that - I planted a bunch all in one hole. The moment that first little bit of life started to peek out of the soil, I was hooked. I've been an avid lover of all things gardening since and am so excited to use that passion to bring fresh, sustainable, affordable food to all.



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How to enjoy fresh fruit and veggies:

Before GrowBlocks

1. Decide what you want
2. Hope it’s in season
3. Get in your car
4. Drive to the store
5. Grab a cart
6. Find what you want (hopefully)
7. Add 7 things you don’t actually need to your cart
8. Check out
9. Get back in your car
10. Drive home
11. Wash your produce
12. Enjoy

After GrowBlocks

1. Decide what you want
2. Walk to your GrowBlock
3. Harvest
4. Enjoy
5. Finally start writing that novel, playing that instrument, or planning that trip with all the time and money you saved

Step 1: Purchase a GrowBlock with monthly GrowBox Subscription

Step 2: Set up your GrowBlock, install your GrowBoxes, feed some nutrients and water

Step 3: Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies from the comfort of your own home

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