It's Earth Day again. Is it different than last year?

Tough question time: since the last Earth Day, have your actions and decisions been good, bad, or neutral for the environment?

We get it - it’s hard. It’s overwhelming. That makes total sense. Small, sustainable changes are key to actually turning the tide.

The food you eat and where you get it makes a big difference for the earth. Your food travels 1500 miles to get to you on average. Not only does that cost have to go somewhere (it comes from your pocket!), you’re also leaving a huge environmental impact when you eat food that travels, let’s be real, more than you do.

Want to eat locally but find it difficult due to cost, availability, or growing season? Try hydroponics. It’s the practice of growing food in water instead of soil. The food is sustainable, affordable, able to be grown year-round in any climate, and accessible.

That’s our mission: fresh, sustainable, affordable food for all. We’re here to make it a reality for you.

Next Earth Day, let’s look back on the year and be proud of the work we’ve done for the earth.

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