January 2023 Drop: Here's what's new!

January 2023 Drop: Here's what's new!

New Plants Available January 2023

Here are the new plants available to grow in your GrowBox for January 2023!

Welcome back to the Produce'd blog, where you can learn all about growing, enjoying, and benefiting from your own fresh, sustainable, affordable food using the power of hydroponic gardening (made super, super easy).

Today is the first of what will be monthly drops! Every month on the first Friday we’ll be sharing the new plants Greg has developed that will be available in your GrowBoxes.

If you’re new, you’re probably wondering, what’s a GrowBox?

Here at Produce’d we’re on a mission to bring fresh, sustainable, affordable food to all. We do that with GrowBlocks, our super-easy, plug-and-play in-home hydroponic gardens. They take up the space of a bookshelf and let you grow enough food to feed a family. GrowBoxes are our way of solving a problem everyone faces: having to go to the grocery store and pick through ridiculously expensive, half-dead produce that doesn’t taste that great and lost most of its nutrients on its 1500-mile journey to you.

Yes, your fruits and vegetables travel, on average, 1500 miles from farm to table. Yikes. And what’s worse? All that travel time KILLS the nutrients in the produce (they lose 15-77% of their nutrients!), meaning you’re not getting the health-punch you think you are when you choose fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh, and our soil is depleted to begin with, so even the freshest produce isn’t as nutrient-dense as it used to be.

Adding insult to injury? Fresh produce is insanely expensive, ESPECIALLY if you want organic (which still has some pesticides, by the way!).

And you have to leave your house to go get all of it. Yuck. GrowBoxes are our once-a-month care packages that include 5 brand-new plants to go in your GrowBlock, keeping it fully stocked and producing the best-tasting, most nutrient-dense produce money can buy. We’ll also send you our secret sauce: all the GrowUp nutrient solution custom-mixed by our founder, Greg, to keep all your plants healthy and thriving (so you can be healthy and thriving!).

Every month we’ll be releasing new plants (which is what we’ll get to today!) for you to choose from. Don’t want to think about it and just want the same plants shipped new every month? We can do that. Want to completely switch it up every single month? You got it. Want to be surprised and have Greg pick for you? Done deal.

If you don't already have your GrowBlock, don't worry! Head over here and we'll help you out. We offer flexible payment plans and will give you your first 15 plants totally free so you can experience the freshest, best-tasting food available without breaking the bank.

To give a quick recap, here’s what was already on the list of better-than-organic vegetables and herbs you can grow at home in your GrowBlock:

  1. Tobasco Peppers
  2. Garlic Chives
  3. Cilantro
  4. Sweet Mint
  5. Sweet Basil
  6. Red Asian Green
  7. Cegolaine (red) Lettuce
  8. Italian Flat Leaf Parsley
  9. Buttercrunch Lettuce
  10. Dill
  11. Arugula

We’ve added eleven plants to the lineup this month with more to come next month. Want to suggest which varieties we should add next? Fill out this form!

Okay, without further ado, let’s get into the new plants that are available for your January 2023 GrowBox.

  1. Plum Tomatoes
  2. Mini Eggplant
  3. Pineapple Sage
  4. Sage
  5. Lemon Balm
  6. Red Butter Lettuce
  7. Greek Oregano
  8. Rambo Raddish
  9. Cucumbers
  10. Cherry Tomatoes
  11. Mini Bell Peppers

What plants do you want to be able to grow and enjoy from your GrowBlock?

Head to produced.co/request to submit yours.

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