About Produce’d

Food unites us. Fuels us. Comforts us. Intrigues us. Food is quite literally part of the fabric of who we are on a physical, cultural, emotional, and spiritual level. Unfortunately food, how it’s created, where it comes from, how much it costs, and how it impacts both your body and your environment have become increasingly complicated over the years. The weight of these problems hit critical mass for our founder, Greg, in 2018.


Produce’d was created to bring practical resolutions to several serious-and-becoming-worse issues facing you, your family, your community, and the world as a whole. Our tagline says it all: Fresh, sustainable, affordable food for all. Let’s break it down and explore what that actually means.

GrowBlocks take food production from 1500 miles away and move it right into your living space so the produce you’re consuming is as fresh as humanly possible. Not even a backyard garden yields fresher food - this is as good as it gets.

GrowBlocks use 90-95% less water than traditional gardening, help decrease your food’s carbon footprint by reducing how far your food travels to get to you, reduce food waste by allowing you to harvest as you need it, and only uses as much energy to power as a laptop.

The food grown in GrowBlocks isn’t just organic, it’s better than organic. If you break down the price of feeding your household from a GrowBlock, it’s around $25 a week for up 2-4 people (including the GrowBlock itself and your monthly GrowBox - monthly payments vary based on Affirm’s approval process). That’s $12.50-6.25 per person per week which is far less than what you can find at the grocery store (even if you buy non-organic!).

GrowBlocks help you grow all the fresh, sustainable, affordable produce you can eat without worrying about weather, growing season, climate, space, effort, or nearly any other factor that normally impacts the ability to grow your own food. We’re working on plans for a nonprofit that would gift GrowBlocks to communities what need them most. Our mission is to give every single person who wants it the ability to enjoy fresh, sustainable, affordable food.

About Greg

Beans. Beans are how I came to love gardening. My mom once asked a young me to help her plant some beans spaced out in neat little holes. Instead I shoved a bunch of beans into one hole, covered them up, and waited. The wonder I experienced watching those first little bit of life peek through the soil hooked me! I’m excited to use that passion to help bring fresh, sustainable, affordable food to all.

Why You Should Care

1500 miles from patch to pot

40% of food is wasted

# of veggie serviings on average

Stat on food deserts

Environmental stats