What is a GrowBlock hydroponic system?

Glad you asked! GrowBlocks are in-home hydroponic gardens that, simply and easily, grow enough food to feed up to 4 people. Hydroponics itself is the method of growing plants without soil. Plant roots receive their food in nutrient rich water instead of dirt, meaning the food grown in them is fresher, more nutrient-packed, and more flavorful! Sound too good to be true? Let us prove you wrong

How much food can I grow with a GrowBlock?

Once you're up and running you can grow enough produce to feed a family of 4! Doesn't fewer trips to the grocery store sound incredible? That's the future you're looking at when you have a GrowBlock. 

How often do I have to add water?

Not very often, that's for sure! We also added a handy indicator light to the bottom of the GrowBlock that'll let you know when the water's getting low.

Adding water (approximately 3 gallon) every 5-7 days will be required. And yes, tap water is OK if source meets water quality standards (WQS) by state, territorial, authorized tribal or federal law approved by EPA.

Do I have to add anything besides water?

Yes, but we've got it covered for you. We mix our own proprietary nutrient solution called GrowUp solution. We'll send you two bottles every month in your GrowBox subscription. Then you just add a bottle of GrowUp solution to your GrowBlock once every 2 weeks. 

How much do GrowBlocks cost? Aren't they expensive?

No, they actually save you money! We all know food costs are rising. Fresh produce is more expensive than ever and if you want to buy organic, relatively pesticide-free produce? You're probably used to spending an arm and a leg per member of your household every time you go to the store.

We partner with Affirm to offer payment plants starting at $22 per week (that includes BOTH the GrowBlock itself AND the GrowBox monthly subscription with your fresh plants and GrowUp solution!). We have a handy calculator here to see how much you could save by bringing home a GrowBlock.

Will plants grow back when you harvest them?

YES! That's one of the best parts of growing food in a GrowBlock - it's the gift that keeps on giving. Once leaf harvests are made, it puts the energy back into the roots to grow stronger and develop more leaves and foliage! It typically takes 2-3wks for plant leaves to grow back once harvested. Each plants will yield 2 harvests before it's time to replace. We've got that all taken care of - you'll receive 5 new plants every month in your GrowBox to make sure you're constantly enjoying the freshest produce.

How do I harvest leaves?

There are two types of leaf harvest: 1) Single leaf stems and 2) Leaf clusters. For single leaf stems like spring mix and most lettuce greens, cut or pench outer leaves first, allowing young leaves to grow. For leaf clusters like most herbs, cut 1/2" inch below the leaf cluster on the stem. NOTE - Always use clean, sharp, and sterile scissors or plant shears to harvest clippings.

What if I forget to water or add nutrients?

No worries - we all live active and busy lives. After you purchase you'll have the option to sign up to receive weekly text messages or emails with check-ins and reminders. We're here to make your life as easy as possible so you can spend your time and energy on the things you love!

What type seeds do you use?

Only the best for you, of course! All seeds used by Produce'd are NON-GMO organic from fully vetted seed farms across the United States only. 

Are pesticides used?

Absolutely not! You can be totally confident your produce is free from pesticides when you harvest from your GrowBlock. We grow in a controlled indoor hydroponic farm and use no type of pesticide or any harmful chemicals on or around plants. That's an amazing part of growing indoors - very few bugs!

What plants are available?

This is the list right now but we're adding constantly. Shoot us an email at hello@producedforall.com if there's something you'd like to see!

Current list: Tobasco Peppers, Arugula, Red Romaine Lettuce, Green Romaine Lettuce, Bok Choy, Red Russian Kale, Red Asian Green, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Cegolaine (red) Lettuce, Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, Cilantro, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Garlic Chives, Sweet Mint, and Dill. 

In December we'll be adding Cucumbers, Mini Egg Plants, Red Cabbage Microgreens, Mini Bell Peppers, and Sage.

Do I need to make sure my GrowBlock is in direct sunlight? Are there temperature requirements?

Nope. Each system is self contained and has its own highly-efficient light systems that give your plants all the light they need to thrive (and taste incredible). Your GrowBlock is only for indoor use (and that's the only place you'll want to have it with how beautiful it looks!). The best temperature for your GrowBlock is 65-80 degrees Farenheit. 

Any maintenance involved with an GrowBlock?

Nope. Very little, if any. Leaves will sometimes fall into the reservoir and would need to be removed. It's also recommended to clean the reservoir every three months to make sure everything stays clean and perfectly-running.  

What if I have a brown thumb? I kill everything!

We've got you covered! While having a GrowBlock in your home will absolutely make you feel like a master gardener, it doesn't require the skills of one (the opposite, actually!). All you need to do is keep an eye on the water, pour your GrowUp solution in when we remind you, and harvest the best-tasting fruits and vegetables you'll ever have.

Still have questions or need some pointers? Email us! The team and I are always happy to help. Email us at hello@producedforall.com.

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