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Your living room is now your personal produce aisle.

We believe everyone should have access to fresh food that makes them feel good, relieves the financial strain groceries can bring, and protects the environment. We're excited for you to meet Grow Blocks - launching November 15!

Meet Grow Blocks.

Designed to grow enough food to feed several people, decrease your grocery bill, lower the load your food places on the environment, and make fresh food more accessible. Oh, and designed to look great while doing all of that.

Grow Blocks are here to help you live the healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly, budget-conscious life of your dreams. We can't wait for you to try it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a hydroponic system?

There are many! First and foremost, easy and freshness of the food is a huge one. When you have a garden right in your living room, your food goes right from the garden to your table. This means higher nutrient density, better taste, and fewer trips to the grocery store. Second, growing your own food hydroponically is cheaper than buying produce from the grocery store. Third, hydrponic systems use 80-90% less water than traditional gardens and don't require your food to travel to you so it's much better for the environment than purchasing from your grocery store.

Aren't hydroponic systems expensive?

Nope! Our systems are designed to take the load of buying produce at the grocery store entirely off your hands, meaning any cost of your system and stocking it with plants are in place of what would've been spent at the store. Our systems are the most cost-effective on the market and we will be offering payment plans so individuals and families of all backgrounds are able to benefit.

Do hydroponic systems require a lot of upkeep?

No. Not at all! There's no dirt, no pests, no weather patterns to monitor ... hydroponic gardening is as easy as restocking your plants on a regular basis and pouring a bottle of our pre-mixed hydroponic solution into an easy-to-access port every other week. From there, all that's left to do is harvest!

Do vegetables and fruits grown hydroponically taste different than other foods?

Yes, but for the best reason! A lot of people assume plants grown in liquid would taste watery. Fortunately the opposite is true! Nutrients are what give plants their taste. In hydroponic systems, all the nutrients your plants need are delivered right to the roots so more go into the actual plant instead of hanging out in the soil. The result is more flavorful fruits and veggies!

I have other questions!

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