Wild Bergamot (Limit 2)

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Wild Bergamot (Limit 2)

Wild Bergamot (Limit 2)

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Wild Bergamot scientifically known as Monarda fistulosa is a wild flower belonging to mint family (Lamiaceae).

Use it as a tea to stimulate circulation in cold hands and feet, a soothing for fever and chills to induce sweating. You can infuse fresh flowers and leaves in honey and apply it as a topical ointment for fungal infections and burns or add it to hot tea or water for soothing sore throat.

It blends well with elderflower, catnip, thyme, sage and yarrow for making calming tea. Use it topically as a wash on healing wounds for damp or wet wound conditions for preventing infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Steam inhalations help to soothe stuck or congested sinuses.

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